How to start a child panel?

☞ Child panel is a marketing panel like as which have all function like us. But no service average time, affiliate option and multipls API option. It allow only our API.

☞  At vipsmmpro we sell child panel at 500 INR per month. 

☞ Check out details:  Child panel (

1. Buy a domain from a reliable domain provider. Example: godaddy, namecheap.

2. Visit your registrar's dashboard and change domain DNS / nameservers to:

3. Wait and see the DNS has activate or not? After activate the DNS go to our child panel page and purchase your child panel.

4. Now sit back and relax. Our team will receive your order and active your child panel as soon as possible.

How to start a mother panel?

☞ Mother panel is a website just same as us. It has all function which our panel have. But the price of a mother panel is much and if you are new commer or small business owner then it will be impossible for you to bear the cost.

☞ Mother panel monthly charge is base on order quantity. The more order you will receive the more the monthly charge will be.

Plan          Monthly orders            Monthly cost

Plan A          0 - 1000                               $50

Plan B         1001 - 5000                       $75

Plan C         5001 - 15000                       $100

Plan D        15001 - 50000                   $150

Plan E         50001 - 100000               $200 

Plan F        100001 - 200000              $250

Plan G        200001 - 300000              $300

Plan H        300001 - 400000              $350

Plan I        400001 - 500000              $400

Plan J        500001 - 600000             $450

Plan K        600001 - 700000             $500

Plan L        700001 - 800000              $550

Plan M        800001 - 900000              $600

Are you interested to buy a mother panel? You can check details here: Buy mother panel

Which payment method the child and mother panel support?

It supported almost all kind of online payment method in world. A large selection of payment methods for customers will help you to take auto payment from every corner of the world.

Please check below links for available payment methods both panel support.

An online business can make your dream to true. Once you can establish the business it will bring earning for you for 24/7 even if at that time when you will sleep. If you are a small business owner and want to establish in smm business then our child panel will be the best option for you.